Prior to graduate school, I worked professionally in ethnic and arts journalism. From 2002 – 2007, I worked as a journalist with Asian American media publications Yolk Magazine and In my position, I interviewed Asian American actors and musicians and reviewed Asian American centered entertainment. Additionally, I worked as the West Coast Web Editor for the national actors trade magazine Back Stage. During my directorship, the publication won VNU Best Website, beating out sister publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. During graduate school, I worked extensively in Bay Area community non-profit media organizations including working in production at Berkeley Community Media, and as the Communications Associate for the non-profit Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project. I continue to write for popular publications.

Selected Clips: 

Margaret Rhee, Hacking Feminism, Bitch Magazine, March, 2015

Margaret Rhee, Gender-Balancing Wikipedia, One Article at a Time, Ms. Magazine, March 11, 2015

Margaret Rhee, Her Luminous Seams: A Review of Iris Law’s Periodicity,” Kelsey Street Press Blog, March 8, 2013

Margaret Rhee, “Process Profile,” Lantern Review, May 23, 2012

HASTAC Artist Interviews, 2012 – Present 

Margaret Rhee, “Dancer, Choreographer, Scholar, and Teacher: The Luminous Liveness and Presence of Ashley Ferro-Murray,” June 12, 2014

Margaret Rhee, “producing a [feminist] [decolonial] [multiple] world through a frame: Dalida Maria Benfield,” June 12, 2011

Margaret Rhee, “Storytellers Front and Center: A HASTAC Blog Interview with ‘Silence Speaks’ Amy Hill,” Jan 15, 2011

Early Work:

Margaret Rhee, “Sung From the Heart,” Back Stage Magazine, June 23, 2006

Margaret Rhee, “Fest Debuts Record No. of Asian-American Films,” BackStage Magazine, May 16, 2006

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