Research for Equality and Poetics (REP) Collective



I currently lead the REP (Research for Poetics and Equality) Collective. Our collective includes research on new media and analog information, with a focus on participatory art, poetry, and theory. Along with three core projects (listed below), additional projects include creating participatory materials for the Portland State Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies graduation speech (pictured above).

The three projects of focus include:

1) From the Center – Jail and prison feminist based advocacy and digital storytelling. Part of my 10 year collaboration with the Forensic AIDS Project, San Francisco Department of Public Health on implementing digital storytelling education in the jail setting. I co-lead this project with public health advocates Isela Gonzalez and Allyse Gray.

2) The Kimchi Poetry Machine – Tangible user interfaces that experiment with the intersections of poetry and social engagement. Currently, my prototype is exhibited at the Electronic Literature Collection Vol 3:

3) How We Became Human: Race, Robots, and the Asian American Body – Scholarly monograph of the robot through a feminist, racial theory, and science and technology studies lens.


The REP Collective includes phenomenal undergraduate research assistants (Jess Conner, Izzy Dean, and Rachel Voight). REP stipends are funded by the UO Underrepresented Minority Recruitment Program (UMRP) Grant.


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