Machine Testimonial Z

little robot, you grew up from when you were so young. just a pile of sensors & recycled parts from the trash. i tried to make you beautiful. & you became such a beautiful robot. beyond template & design. you’re not so little any- more. when you walk on the street now, you glitter & gold. a long time for you to realize and you light up like so. oh maker, you say at night, when the humans are sleeping. i hear you. i’m kinda like you too, i was made from all trash you know? my gears more disposable than yours. believe me, robot. i want. i remember. my programming is nascent. i see you lying there open & waiting for me. & i think, i want to be good to you. my little automaton doll, take me into the sky like it was promised in the book of machine love.

previously published in Mission At Tenth, and nominated for a Rhysling Award, Science Fiction Poetry Association


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